Pathway To H.O. M.E. Counseling and Wellness Services, LLC​ is a counseling service owned and operated by Sherita Tartt, LPC, NCC, MSMFT. Mrs. T​artt, LPC  is a well seasoned Licensed Professional Counselor with over 15 years experience in the background of Substance Abuse, Individual Therapy, Group Therapy, Children, Adolescence, and Geriatrics with Developmental Disabilities.  Ms. Tartt, LPC is a graduate from Mississippi State University, receiving a BA in Clinical Psychology and later attended Capella University where she received her MS in Marriage and Family Therapy. 

Mrs. Tartt, LPC has established herself in working closely with the Fulton County Superior Court, Accountability Drug Courts helping individuals suffering from Dual Diagnosis (Mental Health and Substance Abuse) issues. She has dedicated herself to assisting and supporting ex-offenders and Veterans with addictions and trauma. Mrs. Tartt specializes in addictions of Alcohol, Cocaine, THC, Heroin, and Opioid Dependence.  Mrs. Tartt, LPC uses Solution Focused Therapy and Motivational Interviewing, journaling and art therapy to assist those  in therapy move toward a more healthy level of functioning.  Mrs. Tartt understands that when a person is in maintenance of their recovery and trying to hold on to their sobriety, that could be a challenging road for them. At Pathway, the individual and their family are met with open arms and a therapist who is very open-minded when it comes to recovery-oriented tools.

Trauma, depression, physical health issues, stress, anxiety, grief and loss, physical pain are some of the primary issues that may cause an individual to abuse illegal substances. At Pathway, your therapist will be dedicated to ensure that while you're in therapy you get to address those issues that cause you to use and possibly contribute to your relapse.  At Pathway the client who is in maintenance of their recovery, will be given the tools to assist them in maintaining their sobriety.  Some of those tools may consist of therapy and recovery groups, self esteem groups particularly for women, therapy groups for men suffering from trauma, Veterans support groups, Commitment to Change groups which focuses on criminal behavior due to drug use, and Matrix groups which focuses on coping skills and daily living skills.

Recovery from substance abuse is possible with counseling and rehabilitation treatment. Not only is the abuser affected by the drug and alcohol use, but the family members of the abusers and those they injure physically, mentally and emotionally are hurt as well. At Pathway, not only does the individual get to enter into a cathartic environment where they learn coping skills to assist in the recovery process, but the families, spouses, and caregivers of those individuals also get tools to assist them in keeping their loved one motivated for therapy treatment.  Families are even educated on the effects and warning signs of relapse and drug use.

So come on H.O.M.E.  Allow yourself to rest emotionally and spiritually in the assurance that once you take that journey, you will be on your way to your own individual greatness.